Upcoming Event: Gender Spectrum Family 2011 Conference

The Gender Spectrum Family Conference is the only event of its kind, a celebration of gender inclusiveness for all children and teens. A unique gathering dedicated solely to the needs of transgender and gender nonconforming children and teens, their families and loved ones, and the community of professionals and allies who surround them, the weekend is a transformative experience for all involved.

This year, the conference is offering workshops for teens, activities for younger children, presentations for parents, and seminars for professionals who work with children, youth, and families around issues of gender. It sounds amazing and takes place July 29 – August 1, 2011 in Berkeley, California. If you can’t make it, you can purchase recordings from last year’s conference from their website, so I assume they’ll make this year’s sessions available, too.

If you’d like more info, take a look at their website for more info, as well as their flyer for teens and the announcement for adults.

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