Toy Review: New Prostate Massagers by LELO

I’ve been really excited to see that more companies are starting to make high-quality prostate toys than ever before. For a long time, prostate pleasure fans who wanted a vibrator had to adapt G-spot toys, and while the prostate is a lot like the G-spot, many G-spot toys are either too textured for comfortable anal use or they don’t have the right shape to make them anal-safe. So when the folks at LELO sent me two of their new prostate vibrators, I was ready to take them for a spin.

LELO Loki BlackThe Loki is based on the the same model as some of LELO’s other vibrators, like the Liv. It comes with a USB charging cord, it’s waterproof, and the controls are pretty intuitive. There are two buttons to change the intensity, two buttons to cycle through the six different vibration patterns. It’s covered in super smooth silicone and the shape is gently tapered, both of which make it really easy to insert. And of course, the flange at the base makes sure it doesn’t go too far in.

I think the best think about the Loki is the shape. It’s just the right length to give you complete prostate contact, which maximizes the pleasure potential of this vibrator. The gentle curve gets it right on the prostate, though you can also angle it a little bit to get extra pressure. The buttons are pretty easy to reach, which is always a plus.

But what about the sensation? The Loki has a deep, rumbly vibration, which works a lot better on the prostate than the more buzzy toys out there. And the pulsing patterns are more of a slow ramp up and down, which is also what most men say works best on the prostate. The width and shape of the Loki make it more similar to a buttplug than other toys, so while you can use it for an in-and-out motion, you’ll probably want to keep it in place and play with the angle. That means that you don’t need to constantly hold it, which is a nice feature.

While I think the Loki is a great vibrator, there were a few things I’d keep in mind. First, the widest part is a bit thicker than some folks will be able to accommodate without warmup. If you’re new to anal or prostate play, you’ll want to warm up before inserting it. (Check out my book The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure for all the info you need.) Second, I really wish manufacturers would make toys like this with a 90° bend or curve in the handle. It can be hard to reach the buttons if you’re on the less-flexible side. Plus, a curved handle would make it easier to apply pressure. But even so, the Loki is an excellent design and it’s definitely worth adding to your toy box.

LELO Hugo Deep RoseI also got to test out the Hugo, which has some features that I thought were really amazing.

Like the Loki, the Hugo charges off a USB cord and is covered by the same smooth silicone. But this gadget has a remote control, so you can adjust the vibrations from across the room (assuming you have someone to help or really long arms). There’s a motor in the tip, as well as the base, so you get amazing pleasure on the prostate and the perineum. There’s a little-known sweet spot between the testicles and the anus, and the Hugo hits it just right.

Once you switch the toy and the remote on, you can cycle through six different vibration patterns or change the intensity with a click. The remote can signal what’s going on by flashing a light when the toy is pulsing, but you can also make it vibrate in sync with the Hugo. I have to say- it’s a great innovation. One of the problems with many remote-controlled toys is that the person holding the remote doesn’t know what speed or setting the toy is on. The Hugo fixes that, which is fantastic.

The other option for the remote is what LELO calls SenseMotionTM mode. The angle you hold the remote at changes the intensity of the vibrations. Horizontal means lower and vertical means higher. So rather than clicking buttons, you just rotate the remote. That was a lot of fun, and it’s a great use of motion-sensing technology.

Although the Hugo’s shape makes it ideal for hitting the prostate, it would stay in place better if the bulb and the neck were more sharply differentiated, like they are in most buttplugs. If you’re using it on your back, it’s not a problem, but if you want to wear it in other positions, you might find it slides out a little bit. Not so much that it slips out, but enough to reduce your prostate fun. Having said that, you can definitely enhance your pleasure by squeezing your PC muscle to increase the pressure. So the shape is definitely a winner. It just might work better in some positions than others.

More men and their partners are discovering the amazing pleasure potential of the prostate. The Loki and the Hugo make it easy to explore, and provide just the right kind of vibration to maximize your experience. The designs are intuitive, so they’re easy to use when you’re turned on. All in all, I have to say that LELO has a couple of winners here.

I get a lot of calls and emails from folks who want to explore prostate play but aren’t sure how to make it work, or they aren’t sure how to talk about it with their partner. As a sex and relationship coach, I’m always happy to help you get the most out of your sex life and I provide coaching sessions over Skype, as well as workshops across the US and Canada (I’m also available for workshops anywhere in the world, if we can work out the travel). I also offer somatic sex education, whether at my office in Seattle or when I’m on the road. My goal is to help you make sex easy, so get in touch with me if you’re looking for ideas, support, and suggestions. And as always, have fun!

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  1. Lisa says:

    This is hands down one of the best sex toys available for men. Although my boyfriend and I are happy with each other from a sexual perspective, I encourage him to engage in moments of self-masturbation because I strongly believe it’s a healthy component to one’s own self-identity, and that strengthens our relationship. Sex toys like this provide thoroughly enjoyable orgasms. A must have in my opinion.

  2. Dindoll says:

    “The other option for the remote is what LELO calls SenseMotionTM mode” exactly why i bought this for.

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