Why Learn About Sex?

Despite the myths we have about sex, nobody is born knowing anything about it. We all have to learn it somewhere and unfortunately, most of us absorb all sorts of misinformation along the way. In addition, as we move through life, new sexual opportunities and challenges present themselves. New relationships, changing bodies, medical issues, and shifting desires offer us wonderful chances to grow. They can also be quite confusing, especially when they create tension with our sense of our selves and who we are in the world.

Most sex education is either designed for teens and young adults or sensationalizes the latest media trend, leaving adults who want accurate and supportive information with few options. While the internet is a great place to look for many things, there’s a lot of inaccurate information out there, as well as “sexperts” who have little or no real training in sexuality education. Also, while reading a webpage is a great way to get information, an interactive consultation or workshop can be a more effective learning experience. That’s especially true when you’re not sure what questions you need to ask, or if you need support or advice specific to your situation.

At the same time, there are plenty of people who know a lot about sexuality, but they may not know how to create an excellent workshop or class. Instead, they may copy what they have observed in other teachers’ classes or they might teach in the ways that they like to learn. While these can be somewhat effective approaches, they’re limited in how well they can address the range of goals, needs, and desires of a diverse audience. There’s much more to creating an engaging and motivating class than most people realize. It’s amazing to see how many sex workshops are dry and boring, simply because the teacher doesn’t know how to connect with the participants.

Your sexuality is important and you deserve the best support there is. When you look for advice or information, take a look at the credentials of the people who are offering their advice. There are many excellent sex educators out there and while it can sometimes be challenging to find them, it’s well worth the effort.

My experience as both a sexologist and an educator have shown me that the best adult sexuality education draws on both of these areas of wisdom. This enables me to create enough structure to make my classes cohesive, while retaining the flexibility needed to offer customized information that is relevant and useful for the people who I’m speaking with. I create each workshop to meet the needs of that particular group, so you can be sure you’re getting the most relevant and accurate information.

If you’d like to arrange a workshop or lecture for your community group, professional organization, university course, or conference, I invite you to get in touch. Let’s find out what you need and what I can offer you!