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Q&A: Why Do People Do That?

Here’s a question I recently got: There are lots of things people do in bed that seem really aversive and painful to me. BDSM, anal sex, anal beads, fisting, etc. that, at the very least (to my vanilla background) seem like they should be aversive, scary, painful, etc. yet are preferred sexual behaviors by many. […]

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Sometimes, The Second Taste Is Better

Have you ever tasted something and needed a second taste to decide if you liked it or not? I was recently out at a restaurant with a friend and we traded tastes of our food. While the initial sample of their entree was ok, I could tell that I needed a second taste to decide […]

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what makes sex “great”?

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The Canadian media is buzzing about a new bit of research by sex therapist and University of Ottawa psychologist Peggy Kleinplatz on what makes sex great. According to the article “The Components Of Optimal Sexuality: A Portrait Of Great Sex,” which was published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, the key ingredients to great […]

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