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The Fetishization of Virginity

I’ve never really understood why so many people put (female) virginity on such a pedestal. Personally, I’d much rather know that my partner knows what they’re doing. When I get my car’s brakes checked, I prefer to have a mechanic with some experience. When I go to the doctor, knowing that they have years of […]

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[SSEX BBOX] Episode 1 Is Out!

I’m really happy to announce that the first episode of [SSEX BBOX]is now available online! [SSEX BBOX] is an ambitious documentary project, headed by Priscilla Bertucci. Their goal is to explore sex-positive communities in San Francisco, São Paolo, Berlin, & Barcelona (hence, the SS BB in the name) and explore the different ways that people […]

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Call for Participants: Documentary Film about Empowering Sex Workers

This showed up in my Facebook feed this morning and I’m passing it along.It sounds like a great project. Feel free to help get the word out. Seeking Interviewees for a Documentary Film about Empowering Sex Workers This short documentary seeks to celebrate and give voice to sex workers in the San Francisco Bay Area, […]

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