[SSEX BBOX] Episode 1 Is Out!

I’m really happy to announce that the first episode of [SSEX BBOX]is now available online!

[SSEX BBOX] is an ambitious documentary project, headed by Priscilla Bertucci. Their goal is to explore sex-positive communities in San Francisco, São Paolo, Berlin, & Barcelona (hence, the SS BB in the name) and explore the different ways that people in these locations are examining and discussing sexuality. By looking at how people are using sexuality as a means for social change, [SSEX BBOX] will help connect different movements and offer inspiration for new ideas.

Priscilla Bertucci and Carol Queen at the SSEX BBOX premiere

I’ve spoken with sexologists from around the world and one of the challenges we face is that cultural differences and variations in language make it hard to translate concepts from one country to another. [SSEX BBOX] aims to bridge some of those gaps and show us different approaches to some of the same questions, as well as to demonstrate the various topics of interest in different locations.

Their goal is to post 15 episodes every two weeks, along with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Right now, Episode 1 in English has been released, with others in the works. I was honored to be one of the people they interviewed me for this one, along with Jessi Fischer, Dossie Easton, Maymay, Chris White, and others.

You can get more info about the project on their website, and follow them on facebook and twitter @SSEXBBOX. They also have a really great magazine, available online here. And if you want to contribute to the project, they’re looking for funding, art or writing submissions, and volunteers.

Here’s episode 1, for your viewing enjoyment!


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