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Spread the word! There’s a new support group forming for intersex folks at New Leaf Services in San Francisco. See below for deets.

Also relevant for intersex folks and the people in their lives is Advocates for Informed Choice, a legal advocacy group for children born with variations of sexual anatomy and their parents. If you’re curious about what intersex means or what AIC does, check out their Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll get MUCH better info than you’ll get through google.



I am a clinician at New Leaf Services in San Francisco and I am in the process of forming an ongoing Intersex support group. I’m currently looking for people interested in participating in the group. If you think anyone in your group would benefit please pass the following information along. Please feel free to contact me at

rg or (415) 626-7000 ext.415 with any questions. 


Intersex Support Group

Now Forming!!!

New Leaf’s Intersex Support Group will offer a, professionally facilitated, safe space to meet people with similar experiences. This will be an opportunity to share your own struggles while receiving and offering support to others.

Who: Anyone who identifies themselves as intersex.

Where: New Leaf Services at 103 Hayes Street (at Market St)

When: Every Wednesday evening (Time TBA)

Contact: Contact Kellyn Antolak, MFTI at (415) 626-7000 ext.415 or for more information.

For more information on New Leaf Services, please visit or call 415-626-7000

Thank You,

Kellyn Antolak, M.A., MFTI
Staff Clinician
New Leaf Services for Our Community
1390 Market Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94102
415-626-7000 Ext. 415

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