Call for Research Participants: Queers and Transcendant/Spiritual Sex

This showed up in my email today. Sounds like a great bit of research. Feel free to pass it along.

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

I am currently recruiting participants for my dissertation research. Your help in finding participants would be greatly appreciated!

If you or anyone you know can answer positively to all of the following questions, you/they may be eligible to participate in my study! The three questions are as follows:

1. Have you had a sexual experience you would consider to be spiritual, mystical, transcendent, or transpersonal?
A sexual experience of this sort may include but is not limited to:
– feeling one with your partner
– feeling one with God, Source, Spirit, etc.
– feeling one with the Universe
– extreme connections to the natural world
– inclusion of an altered state of consciousness (much like a drug-induced or meditative experience)
– out-of-body experience
– kundalini experience/awakening
– feeling energy, light or electricity in the body not usually experienced
– shapeshifting, channeling, or possession
– past-life regression or time traveling
– other experiences you may consider extraordinary

2. Do you identify as queer in sexual orientation?
(ie: Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or any variation thereof?)

3. Do you identify as queer in gender identity? (ie: Do you identify as gender fluid, androgynous, transgender, intersex, third gender, gender queer, or any variation thereof?)

Participation in the study includes a 1 – 2 hour interview conducted either in person at a neutral location or over the phone. After data has been collected, the participant is asked to read and review a one page description of their experience and provide feedback, if necessary.

If you or anyone you know could be a match for this study, please e-mail me at or call (415) 407-4624.

If anyone you know may qualify, please forward this email or the attached flyers for their review.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Suzanne M. Adams, M.A.
Researcher & Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1069 E. Meadow Circle
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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