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I finally got around to setting up a professional FB page: If you’re a colleague or professional acquaintance, please become a fan so we can keep in touch. In a few weeks, I’m going to prune my personal page friends list to include only people who I know as friends or family in real life.

I’m taking this step so that I can keep some boundaries between my personal life and my professional life. It’s not that I don’t enjoy hearing from you. I simply prefer to keep access to my personal posts limited to people who actually know me on a personal level. If our relationship is entirely or primarily professional, I’d prefer to keep our Facebook relationship the same.

This will also let me keep track of the amazing work that my sex education colleagues are doing without getting lost in the never-ending stream of cute cat photos, fun dance events, and miscellany that my friends tend to post. I expect that this will let me use Facebook for professional purposes more effectively.

If you & I aren’t connected on Facebook, feel free to become a fan. And of course, my friends and family are more than welcome to become fans of my professional page, although I don’t expect it. My blog will get posted to both pages.


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