The Walk of AWESOME

I’ve never liked the idea of the “walk of shame.” The idea that you should be ashamed when you’re heading home the morning after rest on and reinforces the notion that sex is something to be ashamed of. And anyway, in my experience, this sort of shame is leveled at women much more often and much more harshly than at men. Meh.

Kiersten at has a post about exactly that. I’m especially in favor with how she ends it:

Thus, we come to my proposition. I think we should reframe the “Walk of Shame” as the “Walk of AWESOME” or some other positive feeling. Someone doing the “Walk of AWESOME” would easily be able to make eye contact with people on the street and would be able to feel good about their decisions.

So from now on let’s call it the walk of AWESOME and get over shaming folks for sex.

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  1. Rebecca H. says:

    The Walk of Win.

    I just like how it sounds. But I also totally agree with the sentiment. When I first read about the “Walk of Shame” about a year ago I was totally confused. Of what part of going out and successfully hooking up is one supposed to be ashamed? My only negative recollection of those walks home is that high heels always hurt more the morning after.

  2. Samara says:

    Thank you. I’ve always hated that term too. When it’s Sunday morning and you’re going for coffee in last night’s party dress with your hair all messed up and a goofy grin on your face…what’s not to be proud of and delighted by?

  3. Sofi says:

    Stride of pride. There is nothing to be ashamed about. 

    Just because you’re still having fun, let them judge, those without stories, memories and excitment will one day realize they missed out, even if they never admit it :p 

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