Sexy Halloween Costumes- More Choices, Please

Every year, one question comes up over and over. Why are so many Halloween costumes so sexy? Jenny Block has an interesting take on it:

I’ve often pondered why that is. Why Halloween seems to bring out the naughty side, mostly when it comes to women, and often when it comes to women who would never wear such a thing in “real life.”

The idea is to be someone you’re not. So, it certainly does give the more tame of us a chance to break out a bit. But it’s also a chance to shock and surprise. So, I think that’s where some of it comes from too.

The best thing about Halloween is there’s nothing wrong with wearing a costume that your “real life” doesn’t allow for. You can be as naughty as you like and for that one night you have free rein.

I think she’s on target with that. And yet, I also wonder every year why all the “sexy” costumes for women look pretty much the same. Short tops, mini skirts, high heeled shoes with optional knee high socks.

Just to be clear, I have no problem with the fact that many people find this sort of thing sexy. And I also know that trends and fashion come and go. This is simply what is in fashion these days.

And yet, I think it’d be great to have more options for what sexy is. It’s especially relevant, what with the Marie Claire blog post that included this:

I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two [television] characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other…

Plenty has been said in many places about how this sort of thing shames people who don’t fit within a narrow definition of beauty (especially women, although increasingly so for men). And to take that even further, there are many, many ways to be sexy, to be attractive, to be pretty than the tight top/short skirt option. I’d really like to see more choices out there. You know, just for a change of pace.

Now that would be a treat.

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