Polyamory Expressive Arts Group Forming

Following up on last week’s post about a support group for polyamorous folks, this showed up in my in-box. See below and pass it on!

The Living Arts Counseling Center presents:

An Expressive Arts Psychotherapy Group for Polyamorous Couples and Individuals

Are you polyamorous? Non-monogamous? In an open relationship? Curious about exploring this territory together with your partner(s)?

In a judgment-free, safe, and playful space, we will use tools from expressive arts therapy to explore issues of open relationships, including jealousy, boundaries, rule-making/rule-breaking, sex, safer sex, love, emotional intimacy, loneliness, and what to tell the in-laws, the neighbors, or your best friend.

Come find community with others exploring similar territory!

This group is open to primary couples of all genders and orientations, as well as individuals in couples who wish to attend without their partner(s). This is sex-and dating-free space.

Revi Hope Airborne, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, Expressive Arts Therapist, has over eight years of experience working as a therapist and bodyworker helping people connect with each other and communicate more truthfully and lovingly in the realms of sex and intimacy.

Free introductory session: Thursday, January 20, 2011,7-9 pm

At the Living Arts Counseling Center
5463 College Ave, Oakland, CA
Group will meet for 8 weeks on Thursday nights, January 27 – March 17, 2011.

Cost is $35 per person, $50 per couple per session, sliding scale available if needed.

Please contact Revi at 510.595.5500 ext. 22 or revihopeairborne@gmail.com for more information and a free interview.

*Polyamory – literally, “loving many.” Consciously choosing romantic, sexual, or emotionally intimate connections with more than one person. The term implies open communication between all parties.

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