Now That Movember Is Over, Take Your Prostate Health Into Your Own Hands

It’s the last day of Movember, and while it’s awesome that so many folks are working to raise awareness of prostate cancer and related health issues, I think it’s time to take action into your own hands.

Did you know that massage can increase the health of your prostate? Yes, it’s not just something that feels amazing– it’s good for you, too. Massage increases blood flow, no matter which part of the body you’re working on. And increased blood flow brings more oxygen in and gets rid of carbon dioxide and other waste products that can build up in your cells.

Not only that, but the prostate is made up of millions of microscopic glands that can get blocked or backed up. Prostate massage can clear up those blockages and release trapped fluids. Some experts believe that this can improve overall prostate health. In addition, bacteria can sometimes build up in the prostate and form a biofilm. That’s a layer or coating that protects the bacteria, like the plaque that forms on teeth, and it makes it harder for your immune system to get to work. Massage breaks up that biofilm and lets your body’s defenses do their job. And if you have a bacterial infection, massage makes it easier for the medication to target the bacteria.

Want another benefit to prostate massage? A lot of guys have chronically tight pelvic muscles. In fact, one of the causes of prostatitis is tight muscles that compress and irritate the gland. It can be tricky to treat since the symptoms are so similar to a bacterial infection, but antibiotics won’t work. It turns out that massage can release those tight muscles, decrease pain, and improve health.

Plus, when you’re familiar with your prostate from a pleasure perspective, it can make it easier to recognize when you have a health issue. It’s common for men to simply feel discomfort or pain, without knowing exactly what’s going on. But here’s a quote from one of the men we surveyed for The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure:

When I had a bacterial prostate infection, I could feel the swelling and the heat in my prostate. I knew that’s where it was because I was familiar with my prostate from having done prostate play many times. So I was able to tell my doctor that’s what it felt like, which she confirmed with an exam.

That saved this guy a lot of stress ad unnecessary lab tests.

And lastly, if you have an enlarged prostate (BPH), you might have symptoms like difficulty with urination or frequently feeling the urge to urinate. Prostate massage can often relieve these symptoms and make your life much easier.

So if you’re ready to do more than wear a mustache and you want to increase your health and your pleasure, pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure and see for yourself how much fun is in store for you. After all, how often does something that’s so good for you feel so amazing?

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