let’s hear it for Iowa!

It turns out that the Iowa Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that same-sex couples can get married as of April 24. Not only that, but Iowa has no residency requirements for marriage so folks can travel there, get hitched and then go home. How cool is that?

And as if that wasn’t enough, unlike California, if the anti-gay marriage folks want to change the state constitution, they have to get legislative approval in two sessions before going to a public vote, which will take at least a few years. As John Saclzi puts it,  “Three years is a long time to try to keep people full of hate and fear, especially when they see married couples being happy and productive, and not the least hateable or fearable.”

(Just as an aside, anyone who likes well-written and fun science fiction should check out John Scalzi’s stuff. Or read his blog for entertaining and often thought-provoking conversations. It’s not about sex, per se, but it’s damn fun. ’nuff said)

Seriously good news.

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