I’ll See You At Sex::Tech

I always enjoy going to sexuality conferences. The presentations and the conversations with other folks in the field are an amazing way to keep current on what’s happening. But it’s even more fun with I get to present and I’m thrilled to be speaking at this year’s Sex::Tech conference in San Francisco.

Sex::Tech is put on by ISIS (Internet Sexuality Information Services), an amazing organization that helps develop solutions for getting sex education and information to the people who need it. They do some really interesting work, like training service providers to use the internet and social media better, create internet outreach plans, and design computerized behavioral risk assessment for sexual health and disease prevention.

The conference focuses on media, youth, and sexual health. There will be presentations on conducting web-based research, content management systems, the intersections of gender, disability & social justice, tech for HIV surveillance and a lot more. If you work in sexual health and/or with youth, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

My presentation is going to be about sex-positivity and what sex educators can do to overcome negative beliefs about sex. And while it’s not about tech per se, service provider attitudes are the foundation that everything else rests on, so I’m honored to be part of this event.

If you can’t make it to San Francisco, keep track of the event on twitter, either by following @sextech or by searching for the #sextech hashtag. Attendees will be live tweeting during the presentations, so you can find out about what’s going on.

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