Finally! A Texas School Board Votes for Sex Education

It’s about time these folks got their act together. The Midland, Texas school board decided that their abstinence-only sexual propaganda program wasn’t working. Of course, there’s been plenty of research showing that, but what changed their minds was the 150 pregnancies among their students since the start of the school year in August. Since their school year began on August 23, that’s a pregnancy every 1.5 days.

The new plan is to shift to an abstinence-plus program called “It’s your game, keep it real.” The idea is to offer both abstinence and risk reduction information and while the Superintendent is reminding parents that information about abstinence isn’t going away, and that kids opt out if they or their parents want, lots of folks are skeptical. One person said “We are throwing temptation in the way of the weak.” Because despite the research and the evidence that ab-only doesn’t work, plenty of people are uncomfortable with teens having sex. Even if (or perhaps, especially if) they did when they were young.

It’s a step. A small one, but still a step.

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