Come To the [SSEX BBOX] Premiere Party!

I’ve written about [SSEX BBOX] before because it’s such an amazing project. The filmmakers have been interviewing smart, thoughtful, sexy people in São Paulo, Barcelona, Berlin and San Francisco, four cities known for sex-positivity and celebration of sexual diversity. They’re putting together a fantastic documentary and the last time I spoke with them, they were working on getting Portuguese, Spanish, German, and English subtitles translated in order to help spread the stories and wisdom their participants shared. That’s especially challenging since each culture has created new languages for talking about sex, so SSEX BBOX is going to bring some new connections into the world. Ultimately, there will be a whole series of web episodes for the project.

On January 30, the Center for Sex & Culture will host the premiere screening of the first two episodes. It’s a free event, from 7:30-11 at 1349 Mission St. in San Francisco. It’ll be a really wonderful event and I definitely encourage you to come, if you can.

Here’s the Facebook event link, along with the flyer, and one of the youtube preview videos. Enjoy!

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