A Survey on Prostate Play

One of my favorite things to teach people about is prostate play. This often-overlooked erogenous zone doesn’t get enough attention and I want to get the word out about it!

As part of that, my friend, Aislinn Emirzian, and I have been teaching workshops and classes on how to do it (and we have one coming up on April 24 at Good Vibrations). But even though we know plenty about it, there’s always more to learn and we decided to ask for your input. If you have a few moments, please take our survey and share your experiences with us. It’ll help us make sure that we’re giving the most complete information. (Note- this survey is specifically for people who have received prostate stimulation.)



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5 Responses so far.

  1. Steve says:

    Ive been at it for over a year now. Im currently using a Prostate Pro and the orgasms are the most intense Ive ever had. We have found that it helps with ED also,Recommend it to all men.

  2. Brian says:

    If there is a sexual chakra, it’s the prostate.  Not part of my daily routine, but one I pursue often nonetheless.  A remarkable orgasm enhancer!

  3. Jay says:

    I use the Aneros often with or without female assistance. I have found women like inserting it for me and love the extra firmness prostate massage provides as well as the fluid it provides. 

  4. ic says:

     Indeed.  Long dildoes (30cm/12″) or really thick ones are the way forward.  Do it hard and long and you might even squirt.  It’s all in the fuckingaction for me, rather than the vibrations.


  5. WD says:

    I look forward to the results of your survey. Like a lot of men, I enjoy stimulating my prostate internally. Sometimes I focus on it with a lubricated finger, plug, vibrator with a curved tip, a Tantus Glide device, or a flexible dildo with a 1/4″ diameter. Much more often, however, I just enjoy the anal penetration and in-and-out movement. On most occasions, prostate stimulation is indirect, whether I’m penetrating myself or my wife is doing it to me. It’s absolutely wonderful and deeply gratifying. I must have it.

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