Teaching workshops is one of my main passions. With over 20 years of experience as a sexuality educator, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my classes. I lead trainings for community groups, medical and mental health professionals, seminary learners, professional organization, conferences, university classes, educators, counselors, and non-profit agencies. Any of these topics can be adapted to meet the needs of almost any group and many of them can be adapted for a two-hour session, a full-day training, or anything in-between. I offer a number of workshops and in-service trainings. In addition to these classes, I also teach workshops on a wide range of sexual practices, including sex toys, BDSM, G-spot play, prostate play, anal sex, and safer sex. If you’re interested in any of these topics, please get in touch with me to discuss what I can offer you. If you’re looking for a workshop on any sexuality topic that’s outside my scope of expertise, I would by happy to refer to you one of my colleagues. Please contact me to discuss it.

Embodied Consent

The best sex happens when you and your partner are both totally into what’s happening and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. It happens when you say “oh, yes!” It happens when you know how to invite, give and receive affirmative, embodied consent.

Being able to create embodied consent is more than saying the right words. It takes place on a physical, somatic level and your body won’t lie about it. Rather than ignoring your gut feelings, it’s the skill of listening to what you truly desire, moment by moment. It lets you drop deeper into the pleasure and it lets you build more passion, and it makes it easier to find the places where you both get what you want. The safer you and your partner feel, the higher you can fly.

Sounds great, right? But it’s not always easy to do, especially in a world that doesn’t give us the tools to make it happen. Charlie Glickman is a somatic sex educator and a sex & relationship coach. He’ll lead you through a series of fully-clothed non-sexual exercises to help you discover some easy ways to bring embodied consent into your sex life. You’ll learn:

    • How to create an effective invitation for sex
    • Ways to tune into your felt sense of consent so you can track where your desires really are
    • Tools for letting your partner know that you value and honor their pleasure and consent
    • What you can do to keep things in the “oh, yes” zone and what to do when missteps happen

Come find out what you can do to make your sex life hotter, juicier, and more passionate! These tools will work for any sexual activity, including BDSM and kink, and can be used by people of all genders and sexual orientations. You’re welcome to come with a partner, a friend, or solo.

Mindful, Pleasurable Touch

The most powerful way to create connection and heighten arousal with a partner is to bring skilled, mindful, pleasurable touch. When you use your hands to communicate safety, desire, and passion, you’ll generate much more excitement and resonance between the two of you than any “secret” move or sex technique from a website or book.

This workshop with somatic sex educator Charlie Glickman PhD, you’ll learn:

  • The kinds of touch that build safety, connection, pleasure, and passion
  • Effective and simply tools to invite your partner to share their pleasure and excitement with you
  • How to create an enticing invitation that expresses your desire while maximizing room for your partner’s choice and consent
  • Embodiment practices that will help you tune into your and your partner’s experience
  • Tips for giving and receiving feedback that make it easier to calibrate your touch while staying in the enjoyment
  • How to use Pleasure Mapping to explore your partner’s erogenous zones and discover exactly what brings them pleasure
  • Techniques for tracking and playing with the arousal cycle to heighten sensation and intensity

There will be plenty of fully clothed, non-sexual exercises and experiential practices throughout this workshop. You can attend with a practice partner (whether they are a sexual/romantic partner or not), or you can explore the different exercises with other attendees. You are also fully at choice during the entire day, and you will never be expected or pressured to participate in any exercise.

Sex, Shame, and Love

Shame influences and shapes sexuality for almost everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and individual desires. If we want to overcome and move past sexual shame, we need to understand how it works and how it affects us. We’ll unpack the mechanisms of shame, discuss how it shapes sexuality, and what we can do to build shame resilience. When we have the tools to deal with this difficult but inevitable emotion, it becomes much easier to resolve jealousy, loss, and fear so we can create more space to give and receive love, explore our authentic selves, and build the relationships that suit us. Come learn new ways to keep shame from getting in the way and create the relationships that work for you.


The legacy of sex-negativity, the myth of the normal, and institutionalized sexual shame have left deep marks upon society. Although sexual images and messages surround us, they are often indicative of obsession rather than sexual health. Moving towards a sex-positive perspective can help us find the balance between repression and rebellion in order to discover our individual sexual well-being. This topic can be approached from a number of perspectives, including sexual health, communication, sexual authenticity, gender diversity, and social oppression.

Queer is a Verb

What does it mean to queer something? In a world that’s full of sweeping statements and gender essentialism, what happens when we think of queering as an act that we can engage in, rather than an adjective or an identity? How does it shift our thinking about the Myth of the Normal, gender essentialism, and inflexible categories? When we make queer a verb, it becomes a powerful tool for exploring, transcending, and transforming boundaries and definitions. It allows us to play with the rigid limits that are often imposed on sex and gender. And it can inspire us to create new ways to build the world around us. Come explore some of the ways that thinking of queer as something we do rather than something we are can offer new perspectives, and explore some tools for engaging in the practice of queering sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

Act Like a Man: Masculinity & Sexuality in the 21st Century

Despite some shifts in male gender roles and models of masculinity, in most respects, cultural expectations around how men are supposed to act have been highly resistant to change. The rules of masculinity suffuse our culture at every level and, as a result, exert a strong influence on relationships, sexuality, and gender roles. With over 20 years of experience discussing and teaching workshops on this topic, Charlie Glickman PhD will explore some of the ways that these cultural messages affect how people of all genders and sexual orientations continue to shape and define masculinity. He’ll discuss the ways in which boys and men are shamed for violating the rules of masculinity, how the pressure that exerts on them reinforces and reifies gender roles, and discuss strategies for responding to it in more positive ways.


Despite a significant increase in media representations of BDSM, participants are sill subject to social sanctions, loss of child custody, harassment, losing their jobs or housing, legal punishments and social ostracism. However, when we take a deeper look at what motivates people involved in BDSM, we discover many of the same desires and actions that inspire people to engage in many socially-acceptable activities such as dancing, exercise, and sex. With an understanding of how BDSM works and how people can explore it in ways that support their well-being, we can begin to develop the discernment necessary to distinguish between BDSM and harm. This is an essential skill for clinicians, educators, and others who work with sexuality issues.


Although monogamous relationships remain the socially-approved model for long-term commitment, more people are discovering that other structures suit them better. Millions of people engage in swinging, polyamory, polyfidelity, open relationships, non-monogamy and other ways of creating connection. Just as monogamy is not a guarantee of happiness, open relationships are not necessarily a sign of failing marriages, lack of commitment, or dysfunction. Exploring what prompts people to explore these different relationship models and understanding the strategies that help make them successful, can help us support those that seek to create structures that suit them.

The Physiology of Pleasure

Knowing about sexual anatomy and physiology is more than knowing the names of the parts. This interactive workshop explores the sexual organs and explains how they function from a pleasure perspective. There are many similarities that transcend gender, as well as some obvious (and not so obvious) differences. When we deepen our understanding of how these parts of our bodies work, we are able to explore sexuality more fully and discover new ways to experience pleasure.

Three Things Clinicians Need to Know About Sex

Almost everyone will face sexual challenges or difficulties, sooner or later. Most people want to talk about them with a therapist or counselor, get support, and find ways to address their concerns. However, they’re often hesitant to explore the topic during therapy unless the practitioner initiates it. That puts the responsibility for addressing these issues firmly on the therapist’s shoulders. Come get the key skills you need to integrate sexual well-being into your work, get tools and insights that will help you support your clients, find out about useful resources, and discover new ways to address these often-difficult conversations.

Somatic Sexual Healing: A Workshop for Clinicians

Talking about sexuality and pleasure can go a long way towards helping your clients overcome their challenges. But there are also limits to what words can accomplish, which is where experiential practices can be useful. Somatic sex educator Charlie Glickman will teach you a series of safe, powerful, and effective tools to teach your clients about embodiment, sexuality, and communication, while also giving you valuable and clinically-relevant information that will help you to support them. Some of these exercises include touching the hand, and possibly the forearm, so if you can shake hands with a client, you can integrate these skills into your practice immediately. You can also guide a couple through these exercises, allowing you to observe their interactions and offer guidance and feedback.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe at least three ways in which somatic practices can support sexual healing in your clients.
  • Demonstrate at least six different somatic exercises for exploring embodiment, sexuality, and communication.
  • Discuss at least four clinically-relevant concerns that can be supported or explored through experiential work.
  • Identify at least three reasons why these practices would not be appropriate or effective for a particular client.

Understanding Sexual Practices and Communities: A Workshop for Clinicians

Working with clients’ sexuality concerns can be challenging when they want to talk about desires, fantasies and practices that you may be unfamiliar with. Some clinicians will ask their clients to educate them but this is often difficult for a client to do when they may be taking their first steps. It’s also not reasonable for professionals to ask their clients to provide sexuality education. With 20 years of experience as a sexuality educator, I can discuss a wide range of practices and communities in a balanced, accurate, and non-judgmental manner. The more you know about sexual behaviors and how people can explore them safely, the easier it will be when a client discusses them.

How to Be a Top Presenter

Great teaching doesn’t happen by accident, so where do you go to learn the information and skills you need to be the best teacher you can be? In this interactive and engaging workshop, you will learn how to improve your teaching, enhance learning outcomes and create dynamic exercises. You’ll learn a model of education that will give you a solid framework that is flexible and adaptable to any topic or audience. You’ll also explore the theoretical foundations of learning and discover practical skills and tips that you can start using right away. Whether you work with groups of 3 or 300, you’ll be able to bring your teaching to the next level, increase participant satisfaction, develop more confidence and create outstanding workshops. This workshop can be designed to fit a singe evening, a series of evenings, or a full-day training.

And of course, I have plenty of workshops about anal play for everyone and  prostate play for men of all sexual orientations and their partners:

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

Get ready to discover the amazing pleasure potential of the prostate, aka the male G-spot! Whether you’re totally new to prostate play or you’re looking for some new tips to drive your guy wild, Charlie Glickman, author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, will give you all the info you need. You’ll learn all about the common concerns that sometimes keep people from exploring it (and how to overcome them), tips for easy and pleasurable anal penetration, prostate massage, which toys work best for prostate fun, pegging, combining prostate pleasure with other kinds of sex, and much more. Whether you want to experience prostate fun on your own or with a partner, you’ll leave with everything you need to know to have a great time! This workshop is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Intro to Anal Play

Anal sex is one of the most common fantasies for people of all genders, and it’s much more fun when you have the info you need to make it work. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the three essential ingredients for easy and fun anal penetration, finger techniques to get things started, how to choose the right toys to add to your pleasure, what positions work best, ways to add anal fun to other kinds of sex, tips for pegging and anal intercourse, how to introduce the topic with your partner, and more! All it takes is a little knowledge and some practice to have pleasurable anal play. Whether you want to be the giver, the receiver, or both, come get what you need to add it to your sexual repertoire.

Awesome Anal Sex

Anal sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies and more people are trying it than ever before. The best way to make sure that it’s fun, safe, and pleasurable is to know what you’re doing. Sex and relationship coach Charlie Glickman literally wrote the book and he’s here to make sure that your anal adventures leave you with a smile. Come find out:

  • the three key ingredients to amazing anal play
  • useful anatomy tips that will maximize your pleasure
  • how to avoid common problems and keep things feeling sexy
  • massage techniques to build arousal and enhance relaxation
  • ways to combine anal stimulation with other kinds of sex
  • how to pick the right sex toys for you and your partner
  • prostate massage moves that’ll curl your guy’s toes
  • tips for anal intercourse and pegging
  • valuable safety tips to keep things feeling great

This workshop can include a live demonstration so you can see how it all comes together. Whether you’re totally new to anal play or you’re looking for new ways to make it even more fun, Charlie will make sure you have everything you need to have awesome anal sex! People of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship configurations are welcome.

Prostate Massage

Get ready to discover the amazing pleasure potential of the prostate, aka the male G-spot! Whether you’re totally new to prostate massage or you’re looking for some new tips to drive your guy wild, Charlie Glickman, author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure will give you all the info you need. You’ll learn all about:

  • the common concerns that keep men from trying prostate massage (and how to overcome them)
  • important anatomy info to help you understand the landscape
  • all the steps to make anal penetration easy and pleasurable
  • breathwork and energetic sexual practices that enhance and expand your pleasure potential
  • plenty of prostate massage moves
  • how to combine prostate massage with other kinds of sex
  • ways to include sex toys in your prostate massage

This workshop can include a live demo so you can see how it all works. Whether you want to explore prostate massage on your own or with a partner, you’ll leave with everything you need to know to have a great time! This workshop is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Pegging 101

Pegging, or women using strap-on dildos with men, has become more and more popular and it’s much more fun when you have the info to make it easy. We’ll talk about the different options for dildos and harnesses, how to pick the right lubricant, easy anal penetration, positions for prostate stimulation, ways to include hand jobs in your fun, role play, how the harness wearer can get some pleasure, and much more. You’ll learn everything you need to make pegging your new favorite way to play!

Hitting the Spot: Prostate Play & G-spot Pleasure

Want to discover new ways to experience amazing fun? The prostate and the G-spot are within your reach- literally! In this fun workshop, you’ll hear all about these fun erogenous zones and how to play with them. Come learn about anatomy basics, easy ways to pleasure both the G-spot and the prostate with your hands & toys, combining them with other kinds of play, popular positions, multiple orgasm techniques, and more. When we’re done, you’ll have plenty of new tricks to try and lots of inspiration for your next evening in!

Give It To Him

Do you want to give your guy an amazing experience? More men and their partners are discovering how much pleasure prostate play can be! Come get all the tips you need to find out for yourself. You’ll learn how to bring up the topic, what positions work best, the three most important ingredients for pleasurable anal play, how to find the prostate, what massage work best, tips for including oral sex and handjobs, how to use toys, and much more. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have plenty of new things to try and lots of tips to blow his mind!

Take It Like A Man

In a world that says that being penetrated is the “woman’s role,” learning how to receive prostate stimulation and anal penetration while being fully present in your masculinity takes a little practice. We’ll explore the common myths and stereotypes that can hold men back, talk about ways you can work with and overcome them, offer plenty of tips to make prostate play more enjoyable, and give you practical tools to make it easier for you and your partner to discover prostate stimulation. Don’t let old ideas keep you from experiencing the amazing pleasures of the prostate!

What People Are Saying About Me

“My favorite class thus far was Charlie Glickman’s guest lecture. He was a fantastic presenter and really set an upbeat tone for the rest of the quarter. Also, his brainstorming activity that introduced at the very beginning of class really made me feel much more comfortable talking about sex in a class full of strangers. I think his positive energy and excitement about bringing the message of sex positivity to a greater audience really radiated. Additionally, his openness in sharing personal stories of his relationship experiences is something that I really appreciated and also encouraged me to sometimes include more personal details in particular class analyses that I submit.” -Stanford University student

“Just watched your talk on the Act Like a Man box. So great! Thank you!” -via Facebook