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“How do you identify?” That’s often a tough question for me to answer. As a general rule, I’ve shifted away from identifying as anything because I’ve found that when I do, it can be hard to let go of that self-identity when things change. In my experience, life brings lots of surprises that are difficult […]

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Waxing Sensual

I got my legs waxed last week. I did it to surprise a lover because I knew they would like it. What I didn’t know was how amazing it would feel. I’d never removed my leg hair before and it’s been decades since it started growing. I remember being in my teens and seeing it […]

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Call For Research Participants: Gender Presentation In The Workplace

The way we present our gender to the world around us can have big effects on how people treat us, but so far, there isn’t much research on how gender nonconformity shapes our work lives. Of course, plenty of people have stories to tell, and my friend Alison Fogarty is looking for research participants for […]

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