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What’s Missing From The New Research On Anal Play

There’s some new research about women’s experiences of receiving anal play, and it’s worth taking a look at. About 2000 heterosexual women who experienced anal intercourse at least twice in the previous year were asked about the level and frequency of pain. Almost half (48.8%) had to discontinue the experience because of pain or discomfort, […]

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Opening to Receiving

One of the common concerns that men have when it comes to receiving prostate play or anal penetration is the fear that it implies anything about their masculinity. There are a lot of assumptions about being penetrated. It’s seen as “the woman’s role” or something that gay men do, so straight men are often hesitant […]

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The World Will Be A Better Place When More Men Take It Up The Ass

There are lots of things we can do to make the world a better place. We can reduce our consumption of irreplaceable resources, we can develop our capacity to bring compassion to our relationships, we can support people in crisis or need- there’s plenty to be done. And there’s one thing that I think has […]

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How Pegging Can Help Save The World

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It’s a cliche that before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes, but that’s because there’s a lot of truth to that statement.  After all, once you’ve experienced something from another person’s perspective, it’s much easier to imagine what it’s like for them. That’s one reason why I think pegging can […]

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Maggie Gallagher Does It Again: Sweeping Statements and Lies About Abortion and Anal Sex

This post also appeared on the Good Vibrations Magazine. Last week, hyperconservative Maggie Gallagher wrote a piece in which she rather unsuccessfully tries to link women’s right to make reproductive choices and anal sex. The first thing that set off alarm bells for me was her citing a research article mentioned in the book “Premarital […]

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Free Workshop Coming Up: Prostate Play & Pleasure

Want to learn about the prostate gland? Are you curious about anal play? Come on down to Good Vibrations on Valencia St. this Wednesday, June 9 for a free workshop. See you there! Prostate Play & Pleasure Wednesday, June 9th 6-7 pm FREE! Good Vibrations Valencia St. 603 Valencia Street (at 17th Street) San Francisco, […]

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