Call for Participants: Research Looking for Lesbian/Queer Mothers of Color

This looks like a really great research project. There’s not much information about how lesbian/queer mothers of color talk with their children about sexuality, so everyone pretty much has to figure it out on their own or with friends. It’s about time that someone gave it the attention it deserves.

See below for info and please feel free to share this widely.

Update: the interviews will be in-person, so the researcher is looking SF Bay Area folks.

I am recruiting participants for an exciting study about the ways in which lesbian/queer mothers of color teach their children about sexuality. I would sincerely appreciate your sharing the following information about this study with your friends, family and colleagues who may fit the below criteria.

WHO: I am seeking women of color who engage in sexual and/or romantic relationships with other women and have at least one child between the ages of 9 and 16. The interview will take approximately two hours and as a token of appreciation participants will be given a $25 gift card to

ABOUT THE STUDY: With respect to the sensitive nature of this study I hope to convey the importance this study has for the LGBT and parenting community.

My study is called “Maternal Communication About Sexuality: Lesbian/Queer Women of Color” and will explore how mothers think about sexuality and their experiences conveying sexuality to their children. My hope is that learning from current parents may provide others with ways to create a safe and inclusive environment for children to explore their own sexuality. This study has important meaning for clinicians and parents and can provide input on how to communicate sexuality to children, as well as aid lesbian/queer parents in preparing their children for the “coming-out” process to friends and peers. Participation in this study may provide parents with the opportunity to explore, discuss and reflect upon how they communicate with their child about sexuality as it relates to their own culture and sexual identity.

Please be assured that any person who participates in this study will not be identified in my study, nor will their affiliation with you or any particular organization. This study is under the supervision of Dr. Harriet Curtis-Boles and has been reviewed and received clearance through the Alliant International University Institutional Review Board. As part of my dissertation in pursuit of my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, this study will contribute to the research on parent-child dialogue surrounding sexuality and support parents in their engagement with their child’s psychosexual development.

If you have any questions about this study or are interested in participating, please contact me at (415) 812-4790; I appreciate your time and support.

Madeleine Katz

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