here we go again with the lies and hate

It seems that the National Organization for Marriage can’t come up with a reason why same sex couples shouldn’t get married that’s not based on bigotry and homophobia, so they’re falling back on creating a moral panic. Check this out.

Pretty remarkable isn’t it. Lies about how people who support queer marriage are going to take away people’s freedom, how churches who don’t support same-sex marriage are being punished, how queer marriage advocates want to decide how people to live their lives and take away their choices. It’s just not true.

At least one of the lines is accurate. One of the actors said, “I am afraid.” And yes, these people are afraid. They’re afraid of queers. It’s called homoPHOBIA for a reason, folks. And by trying to foment a panic, they’re relying on the same old tactics: if they can confuse and scare people, then maybe they’ll get what they want.

Don’t give into it, friends.

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  1. Canageek says:

    I’d like to say for the record that not all Christians are this stupid…when I see this I’m ashamed of my religion. There are churches that are fine: The United Church of Canada will preform same sex marriages and while walking though downtown Hamilton I saw one flying a giant pride flag…

    Were not all idiots, the stupid ones of us just scream the loudest.

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