Call for Particpants: Follow Up Survey on Casual Sex Experiences

You may have seen the post from a couple of weeks ago, announcing that Heather Corinna, the founder of, was looking for people to participate in a short, anonymous online survey about their experiences with casual sex. She’s just announced an even shorter follow up survey, which will help fill in some of the gaps in our understanding of what casual sex means to different people.

Anyone over 16 can participate, whether you’ve had casual sex or not. Heather is especially interested in including  LGBT folks, people of color, men, those over 45 and social conservatives, because most of the media debates about casual sex focus on teens and women. Please share this link as widely as possible after you take the survey, especially if your networks include people in any or all of those groups.

While completing the first one isn’t a requirement, Heather would definitely appreciate it if you did both.

Here’s the link to the follow up survey:


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